Tailored Cybersecurity

Your cybersecurity risks are unique and require efficient solutions. We know that applying security best practices may not always be the most cost-effective solution for smaller, emerging, or transforming businesses, which is why we focus on cybersecurity efficiency.

With our decades of experience working with organizations of all sizes, we can help you build a cybersecurity strategy that grows with your business while minimizing overhead costs. We also have the expertise to contain any damage in unforeseen situations, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your core business.

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Information Security for your business

Information security expertise aligned with your organization's needs and abilities

On-Demand Advisory

Our signature service that allows you to retain an executive-level cybersecurity counsel familiar with your organization. Very high ROI.

Cybersecurity strategy

We help rapidly-growing or transforming organizations build scalable information security programs and hire right talent.

Business strategy

Customers can be very demanding. We can help you manage their cybersecurity expectations and negotiate contractual commitments.

Incident support

Things happen. And when they do expert orchestration minimizes business damage, retains customer and partner trust.

Due diligence

We have extensive experience with startups and M&As. We conduct fast, multifaceted evaluations of cybersecurity postures.

Technology matchmaking

Our peer network of CISOs and vetted service providers allows you to quickly select tools and secure resources to implement them.

Our mission

At Hexview, we believe that cybersecurity is not just another commodity service on the market - it's a crucial component for businesses facing complex cybersecurity, growth, technology, or business challenges. We're not a general cybersecurity contractor, but instead, a fiduciary cybersecurity advisory service that provides tailored cybersecurity solutions aligned with your business needs.

We help our customers recover from prior investments, reorganization projects, or cybersecurity endeavors that failed to deliver expected value. We believe that investing in cybersecurity does not have to be a daunting task. Instead, we show you how to make wise cyber investments over time to naturally build cybersecurity into your environment, without any upfront costs or clear-outs of your bank account.

As a cybersecurity accelerator for smaller organizations, we take pride in our ability to educate and empower our clients to safely navigate complex cybersecurity risks and threats of the modern business landscape. We don't subcontract, resell, or outsource our services, and our mission is to enable you to efficiently embed cybersecurity into your business without compromising on quality.

Our team is driven by a passion for helping businesses succeed, and we measure our success not just by returns and profit margins, but also by the satisfaction of our clients. So, if you're looking for a cybersecurity partner that can help you tackle your most pressing cybersecurity challenges, Hexview is here to help.

We help emerging and transforming companies build cybersecurity.

You will work with seasoned cybersecurity executives who will take time to understand your business. When necessary, we can also tap our vast network of CISOs and C-level executives for expertise on specific aspects of cybersecurity, privacy, regulatory compliance, or industry-specific requirements.

Business alignment

Our approach to cybersecurity management is based on the principles of risk management and continuous improvement. In order to better understand your business, the risk it faces, your organizational maturity, technical, and governance capabilities, we ask for sufficient exposure to your business processes and practices.

Growth focus

Each organization evolves differently. We help you define your risk appetite, identify practical, effective controls, define realistic cybersecurity roadmap, and help execute it. Our ideal customer is a growing or transforming organization seeking to improve maturity of process, technology, and cybersecurity governance.

Education and support

Just like good health depends on healthy lifestyle, organizational cyber-resiliency depends on the company's willingness and genuine desire to adopt information security as a business function. Your organization is responsible for building its cybersecurity. Our objective is to show you how to do it and help you address specifics applicable to your organization.

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